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Meccanica Industriale S.r.l. is a leading Italian manufacturer of 4"- 6" Radial Electric Submersible pumps under the "Belardi" brand name. Meccanica Industriale production covers a wide range of products, able to offer suitable and efficient solutions for all needs relevant to the use of water resources. Special emphasis is given to developing and manufacturing of new products making use of cutting edge machinery concerning new products testing and the study of innovative materials as well. The special structural composition of Belardi Submersible Electric Pumps associated with the use of top quality materials allow them to be used in all situations of water provisioning, in the agricultural, industrial and domestic field. The complete manufacturing cycles of all pumping unit components are made on the Meccanica Industriale S.r.l. premises, developed respectively in the following departments: Foundry department, Mechanical processing department, Plastic department, Assembly department, Test department.



Meccanica Industriale S.r.l born from the previous family company founded in 1962 by Alfredo and Amedeo Belardi and it is the fruit of fifty years of experience in the sphere of high – level mechanical manufacturing. The firm's initial high – level mechanical manufacturing was soon widened in 1980 diversifying its activity to the production and distribution of Submersible Electric pumps for 4" and 6" wells. From October 2006 year, thanks to the realization of a new factory, manufacturing and design departments have been implemented and reinforced. Today the company operates in 2 manufacturing factories, one of them dedicated to the components production, the other one to the pumps assembly.



The combination of experience strengthened over the years, research and development aimed to guarantee the high quality are the fundamental prerogative and the strong point of Meccanica Industriale. Meccanica industriale is a company consistently projected into the future and it aims to satisfy all needs relevant to the use of water resources, concentrating its mind on the technological innovations, manufacturing processes and widespread know how. Meccanica Industriale addresses as a reliable and always attentive partner to needs of user Customers, claiming a national and international marketing network with the aim of establish solid and lasting relations with them guaranteeing always quality and efficiency.


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